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Volume 7
Number 10

The REALL News

"It's a very dangerous thing to believe in nonsense."
-- James Randi

October 1999
Features Departments

Facing Silliness in Springfield

by David Bloomberg

10:00 P.M., September 1, 1999: I'm sitting down to watch the news on WICS Channel 20. One of their top stories is that some people have seen what appears to be a baby's face in a tree that is about to be cut down. They even send out a reporter, who comes back with words like "mystery" (used several times) to describe it. I don't see much of a mystery -- it is a knothole that, yeah, looks a bit like a baby's face when viewed the proper way. Even the reporter acknowledged that you can't really see it during the day -- you have to wait until night and look from a certain angle. But it was still a big "mystery" to him.MoreMore


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