From the Chairman

David Bloomberg

I just flew back from Dallas, and boy are my arms tired! But seriously, I thought I had some wonderful words of wisdom to impart here this month, but Iím rather tired and really canít recall what, if anything, I was going to say. I do know that we have an interesting meeting in October (see below) and that our essay contest is rolling along pretty well.

While I was in Dallas, I had dinner with some of the leaders of the North Texas Skeptics. They were very good hosts and we swapped some ideas (their December meeting is titled something like: "Itís the end of the world! Can I have your car?"). Even in a large metropolitan area like Dallas, they still have some of the same problems we have with getting lots of people to meetings on a regular basis. That made me feel a little better, but Iím still going to keep trying!

In other ways, their area is very different. They have lots of faith healers and few psychics, for example. But itís always nice to swap stories with other local groups. They also pointed me to the Conspiracy Museum (across from where JFK was killed, of course), and I took some free time to go visit. My report will follow next month. Until then, we have plenty of good stuff for you in this issue!

October Meeting

As you probably recall, David Gehrig spoke on the Bible Codes at our August meeting. Well, that just wasnít enough for him. So this month, heíll be speaking on: "Holocaust Revisionism Ė Honest Inquiry or Thinly Veiled Hate?" It will be at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, October 5, at the Lincoln Library in Springfield.

In this talk, David will answer the questions: Who are the "Holocaust revisionists" Ė those who propose that the Nazis had no genocidal program against the Jews in World War II? What are they saying? What is their motivation? What can we do about it?

David has debated numerous revisionists and looked into their claims. He will address the pseudoscience, pseudohistory, and pseudologic used by revisionists in their assertions. He will examine the standards of evidence they use in their work, and look at the history of some of the organizations and people who put forth these claims.

Donít miss this meeting! Yeah, I know, I always say that. And I always mean it. But in this case, I mean it twice as much. Iíll see you there!

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