From the Editor

Wally Hartshorn

David just flew in from Dallas, and I just flew in from Montreal. I spent a week there with a friend from Colorado, seeing the sites and relaxing. Unlike David, I managed to entirely avoid thinking about the nuttiness we cover each issue. It was good.

Alas, when I returned, I found that all of the nuttiness was still here right where I left it. I guess it will take more than a week-long vacation to get rid of it.

This issue features Davidís cover article about the latest "I saw a face, so it must be a miracle" oddness, this one happening right here in Springfield. Iíd like to take these people outside some time, point their eyes up at the sky, and have them count how many miraculous things they see drifting by in the clouds. Perhaps this common childhood pastime ought to be made a required activity to immunize people against getting overly excited when they see these things.

We also have a new article from Martin Kottmeyer, this time a rather brief one about a rather obscure legendary photograph. Oddly enough, after I read it, I thought a bit and began to suspect that I remembered hearing about the photograph that he discusses. Do I really remember it, or do I just imagine that I remember it? Heck if I know!

Lastly, we have another installment of Davidís REALLity Check column, as well as more book recommendations.

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