From the Editor

Wally Hartshorn

Evolution, evolution, evolution! The Kansas State Board of Education doesn’t want to talk about it, but their actions last month resulted in the thrusting back into the spotlight of the creation/evolution controversy. As David’s article discusses, the debate encompasses far more than just the schools in Kansas.

Michael Shermer recently posted a message on the Internet asking for feedback about the design and content of Skeptic magazine. How can we make skepticism more attractive for a mainstream audience without watering it down? That’s quite a difficult problem. This issue features an article by Bob Steiner that discusses the challenges faced by skeptics in presenting our case to the public in a manner that is both logical and engaging.

We also received a nice letter to the editor from a reader commenting on one of Martin Kottmeyer’s recent articles. The reader is in Wisconsin and he read the article on the web site -- an example of the way the Internet can make it easier to reach the public....

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