From the Chairman

David Bloomberg

July’s meeting brought us a decent turnout for a videotape, and even a little healthy debate after watching Susan Blackmore’s presentation on memes (see the Letter to the Editor in this issue).

Our August 3 meeting (7:00, Lincoln Library) will feature David Gehrig speaking on "The Bible Codes: What Do the Numbers Say?" Gehrig has degrees in computer science and English and has written his own program to replicate what Michael Drosnin and others have done in their Bible Code claims. He will give an introductory look at the math behind the codes. It should be a very interesting presentation, so don’t miss it!

Essay Contest

September is approaching rapidly, and if we want to kick off our essay contest, we need to get moving right away. REALL formed its first ad hoc committee to deal with the contest, and we got a few members at the July meeting. But because these are the same people who usually do much of the REALL work, we’d love to have a few more volunteers as well. If you’re interested, just let me know!

Also, we’re looking for the best way to handle prizes. We’ve had one donation to that end already and another volunteer has pledged to put up at least some of the prize money. We plan to give out U.S. Savings Bonds in varying amounts for first, second, and third prize. If you’re interested in contributing to the prize fund, again, let me know (and remember that we are a tax deductible non-profit 501(c)(3) organization). Also, if you happen to know of any business that would be interested in helping to sponsor this contest, please put them in contact with me.

Our current plan is to have a dinner at the end of the school year to honor the winners of the essay contest. This will probably be REALL’s biggest endeavor to date, so we want to involve as many people as possible!

Any help at all – even just getting together with us one night to send out the mailings – will be appreciated!

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