Braun Update

by David Bloomberg

A short update on the progression of the Bennett Braun case (see Vol. 6, #8, #9, #10, and Vol. 7, #2). The trial before an administrative judge was originally supposed to start in May. However, as indicated in a previous article, Thomas Glasgow, the lead prosecutor from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR), had said he wanted to push that back to the summer so the Braun children would not have to miss final exams.

A recent discussion with Tony Sanders of the IDPR’s public information office confirmed that the proceedings have been moved – but to November! Braun’s attorney has not provided necessary information, delaying the case.

Sanders said the related hearing for psychologist Roberta Sachs has not been scheduled yet, and, most surprisingly, he said that he thinks the case against Dr. Elva Poznanski, a child psychiatrist colleague of Dr. Braun’s, has been settled. Sanders was unable to fill in the details, but we should have them for the next issue. Glasgow will be providing more explanation shortly, but not in time for this issue of the newsletter. Look for that information here next month.

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