From the Editor

Bob Ladendorf

What male hasn't shuddered upon first hearing that the female praying mantis will slice off her male lover's head as soon as sex is over! Now, veteran REALL News contributor Martin Kottmeyer compounds those fears with a feature article here on mantises as aliens. He traces the appearance of this treacherous insect in human culture.

Besides the "Graying Mantis," we feature another "REALLity Check" by Chairman David. We hope you enjoy this issue.

On a personal note: I'm not going to be running for newsletter editor for the next year. I'll be working on several writing projects long delayed that I need to finish and to research. However, I may be back in the future, and I'll continue to be involved with REALL and its wonderful mission of bringing critical thinking to an endless number of subjects. I'll edit the June issue and give some final thoughts and thank yous about the past half dozen years.

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