*The REALL News*

"It's a very dangerous thing to believe in nonsense." -- James Randi

Volume 6 Issue 7 September 1998

Greta Alexander's Legacy:
An Objective Look at Her Claims

by David Bloomberg

On July 17, Central Illinois lost a well-known citizen. "Psychic" (or, as she more recently preferred to be called, "parapsychologist") Greta Alexander died at the age of 66. Alexander was well known as a result of countless articles, radio shows, and TV appearances regarding her supposed psychic abilities. Indeed, the article discussing her death in the State Journal-Register appears to have been written by a true believer (working for the Peoria Journal Star) who stated her claims as if they were fact. (See our Web site to read a letter from me to the article's author.)

But did she really have the abilities ascribed to her? Were her predictions "100 percent accurate," as claimed by an assistant fire chief in Iowa who had used her services? What does an objective study of the facts show?MoreMore


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