From the Chairman

David Bloomberg

September Meeting

Our meeting on Tuesday, September 1 (7 p.m., Lincoln Library), will feature Rense Lange presenting "Poltergeist Delusions." This talk will be a summary of his empirical research on the psychology and science of poltergeists and a discussion of how unusual occurrences may be perceived as poltergeists depending on a person’s pre-existing belief in the paranormal. His research has been published in several journals and he will even expand further on his work. He is also currently working on a book titled, Haunting Questions of Perception: Scientific Perspectives on the Poltergeist.

This definitely promises to be an interesting meeting (I mean, how many people do you know of in Central Illinois who have done research into poltergeist beliefs?), so I hope to see everybody there!

October Meeting

What’s this? We actually know what we’re doing for a meeting over a full month ahead of time? Yes, we do! On October 6, I will be speaking on the topic of "Thinking Skeptically." I was asked to give a presentation on this topic to Professionals Against Confidence Crime conference in September, and I hate to use a good talk just once! I will also include additional information on what kind of response I get from PACC.

Book Order

If you didn’t order books, well, you’re too late this time. We sent off the order and it’s even possible that we’ll have the books by the September meeting (no promises, though). But if you did want to order some books and never got around to letting us know, don’t fret too much — if we can get 10 more books for ordering, we’ll do it again.

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