From the Chairman

David Bloomberg

June Meeting Report on Tarot

Wow! What a meeting! I have to admit that I was a bit worried after I invited Derek to be our speaker — not because I don’t trust Derek, but because he had never done a cold reading in front of a large group of people. Then, when I got to the meeting and the audience was filled with people who obviously came to hear the deep dark secrets of Tarot — the mystical ones, not the ones Derek was there to talk about — I worried even more.

But my fears were groundless. Derek gave a great presentation and two incredible readings! The first volunteer gave the necessary signals to a reader, nodding and showing Derek the direction to go. Afterwards, Derek asked how he had done, and she responded that he had been pretty much right on the money. The second was even more helpful, explaining how each of the cards related to his life and almost doing the reading for Derek. I felt bad for him as he described the problems in his family, with a sick father and a sister who wasn’t helping. He obviously wanted answers and thought he’d get them from Derek. Instead, Derek then told the audience that he had no special powers, that he was doing cold readings, and that was that. As I said, I felt bad for the second volunteer spilling his guts in front of all of us, but at least Derek wasn’t charging him money to do a reading and then getting him as a regular customer to bilk week in and week out.

The questions afterwards were interesting. Some of the audience seemed to not quite understand what Derek had told us, as they repeatedly asked about the more mystical claims relating to Tarot — even after Derek had made it clear that he held no such mystical beliefs. The best question of the night came between the first and second readings, when one audience member asked why a group emphasizing rational examination would host a Tarot reader. His question was answered after the second reading, when Derek explained what he had been doing.

Hopefully, some of those who came seeking the secrets of the Tarot found that those secrets weren’t so mysterious after all. I know that some signed up for trial subscriptions to this newsletter, and if you are reading this now, I would be interested to hear what you thought of the presentation? Did it change your mind about anything? What did you think of Derek? If you want to share your opinions, please write, e-mail, or call and leave a message on the REALL hotline. If you want us to print it, we will (with or without your name); if you just want to share your opinion with me, that’s fine also.

Derek explains some more of his Tarot history in this very issue of the newsletter.

August Meeting

August 4’s meeting will feature a videotape and discussion. We’ll vote on the tape when we get there, but one of the nominations is "Unmasked," an NBC show that exposed various "psychic" tricks and the like (it appeared in "REALLity Check," reviewed by Derek Rompot, accidentally misnamed as "Exposed").

Be there at 7 p.m. in the Lincoln Library!

September Meeting

Our meeting on September 1 will feature Rense Lange talking about his investigation of some poltergeists. His work was previously featured in an Australian parapsychology journal and should be very interesting! More info will follow in the September newsletter.

Book Order

As of this moment, we have eight books ordered. Since our order needs 10 books, that means you have until the August meeting to get your order in (I know that people will be giving us orders for at least 2 more books by then). After that, we’re sending it in! Don’t delay — remember, members get 40% OFF and only have to pay $1/book shipping!

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