From the Editor

Bob Ladendorf

With this second consecutive special double issue, we continue an ongoing, multi-part series about Karen Bartelt’s encounter with the Institute for Creation Research. She is able to combine her impressions with lessons in science. You won’t want to miss Part 2 in this issue.

We also return to the past with a follow-up to Martin Kottmeyer’s now-famous article -- "The Eyes that Spoke" -- first published in the REALL News several years ago. In this issue, Kottmeyer counters some of the explanations (or excuses) given asserting that the certain TV shows did not influence the Hills in their alleged encounter with alien beings.

Chairman David adds a "REALLity Check" with an interesting twist. This may just prompt some letters to the editor. Check it out.

Next month, we’re back on a monthly newsletter schedule. As always, we look forward to any suggestions or comments from our readers.

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