From the Chairman

David Bloomberg

Thanks to Wally Hartshorn for his presentation at the March meeting. As before, Wally's look at weirdness on the web was both funny and somewhat scary for those of us on the pro-rationality side!

For our April meeting (the 7th), Professor Alex Casella will be talking to us about "Science and Pseudoscience." He recently taught a class at the University of Illinois at Springfield on that very topic and will be discussing how to tell the difference between science and pseudoscience, survey results from the class he taught, and much more! I'm sure he will have some very interesting material to share with us, so don't miss it!

Book Order

A few years ago, we put together a book order from Prometheus Books (publisher of a wide range of skeptical and other interesting books). At the time, we gave members a 20% discount.

Well, it's time to get another order together and this time we'll be giving paid members the full 40% discount!! We just need to get at least 10 books ordered (total, not each), and we can get the discount (each person still has to pay for postage). I'll bring catalogs to the April 7 meeting, and explain the details there (if you can't attend the meeting and want to order books, send me an e-mail or give me a call). We're going to try to get this order in fairly quickly, so don't delay!

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