From the Editor

Bob Ladendorf

During the past couple months, a number of shocking events have occurred -- the tragic death of Diana, the week of Air Force plane disasters, and the manhunt for serial killer Andrew Cunanan. You'd think that psychics would have predicted such major historical events. I doubt that a review of the record would show any hits. As for the Cunanan pursuit and subsequent suicide, you'd have expected that the so-called "psychic detectives" out there would have been able to pinpoint Cunanan's location during his three-month spree. That apparently didn't happen.

Which brings us to our main article this month, a book excerpt on "psychic detectives" by serial murder expert Steve Egger. His second book, The Killers Among Us, has just been published by Prentice Hall, and we are pleased to reprint the excerpt. Steve delves into reasons why psychics are consulted in murder cases but points out that there is little solid evidence to demonstrate that the psychics really help in solving the crimes. Thanks go out to Steve, who also is a REALL board member, and his publisher.

Thanks, too, to Chairman David for providing a new "REALLity Check" this month. Our recent newsletters have been so filled up with other articles that I could not fit in his media monitor column!

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