From the Editor

In many issues, we feature original articles by REALL members and others. Other times, we reprint for you some of the best ones we find that have been published elsewhere, such as in other skeptic group newsletters.

This month's newsletter features one from the North Texas Skeptics on graphology. It is an article that also can be used by you as a single-topic source of information that can be passed on to others who may hold an unquestioned belief in graphology. We expect to print other such single-topic "fact sheets" in future issues -- as we have done in the past.

I have heard from Chairman David that Prof. Alex Casella's class on science and pseudoscience at the University of Illinois at Springfield this fall has filled up. We at REALL are pleased to hear that a class on critical thinking is so popular. We'll plan to provide you with an update on that class, and perhaps others, in a future issue.

As always, we welcome any comments, suggestions, or letters to the editor. Hope you enjoy this issue.

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