From the Editor

In mid-May, I attended the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) regional workshop in Chicago on "Secrets of the Supernatural" with my son Scott (and squeezed in a couple Cubs-Giants games, too!) In a future issue or meeting, I plan to tell you about the workshop.

At that conference, I talked with Richard Petraitis, our lead article writer for this issue on modern-day and historical shamans. This summer, he is teaching a summer enrichment class at the Riverside Brookfield High School from a skeptical viewpoint. The class is called, "Pseudoscience & the Debunking of the Paranormal with Critical Thinking Skills & the Scientific Method."

Another class on science and pseudoscience will be taught this fall by Prof. Alex Casella at the University of Illinois (UIS) at Springfield. More information about that class is available from UIS and in a future issue of this newsletter.

It is good to see such support for critical thinking at educational institutions. If you know of any other such classes at other schools or universities, please contact us at REALL.

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