From the Editor

With the arrival of the Hale-Bopp comet, eclipse of the moon, the ongoing debate about the rock from Mars [identical experiments have come to opposite conclusions (Chicago Tribune, March 20, p. 5)], and the apparent increasing popularity of astrology and psychics, it’s an exciting time for space and sky observers. If only Carl Sagan could still be here to see all this....

This month, we feature another article by the North Texas Skeptics, this one on astrology, perhaps one of the most beloved -- and detested -- of the psuedosciences. The article should help provide you with clear, concise arguments against the assertions of astrology.

Enjoy this issue, and I hope to see you at the April REALL meeting featuring author and journalist Doug Pokorski talking about the media. His talk should be a good follow-up to the excellent (and witty) presentation about scams by detective (and magician) Bruce Walstad in March.

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