From the Chairman

As I mentioned last month, the speaker for our March meeting will be Investigator Bruce Walstad! For those of you who don’t know him, Bruce is the president of Professionals Against Confidence Crime (an international police organization), chairman of the Occult Investigation Subcommittee of the Society of American Magicians, former member of the legal subcommittee for CSICOP, and a nationally known expert on psychics, fortune tellers, and other frauds and con artists, having appeared on numerous news and talk shows, ranging from Oprah to 48 Hours. He is also a professional magician, and part of his presentation will demonstrate some of the tricks used by con artists to separate people from their money. The meeting will be on Tuesday, March 4, at 7 p.m. in the Lincoln Library. Don’t miss it!

I am working on getting future speakers and am always interested in suggestions. I am currently working on trying to get a series of people who work in the media, ranging from newspapers journalists to radio DJs to TV anchors. I’m hoping this will be an interesting and informative series of talks. More news will follow as it becomes available.

I am grateful to the North Texas Skeptics for allowing us to use their ESP Fact Sheet as an article for this issue. (Editor Bob thought this one was particularly appropriate, given that Bruce Walstad is our speaker this month.) Upcoming issues will feature two more such articles on graphology and astrology. I think these types of articles are great for for giving a good background and factual information that we may use in debate situations (such as letters to the editor). Indeed, I would like to see REALL prepare such information to be used quickly should the need arise (though I certainly don’t expect to be as in-depth as these are right away). Do I have any volunteers?

Well, that’s about all I have to say this month. I do want to note that many of us have memberships that expire this month, so please check your mailing label. I hope we continue to get your support!

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