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Geller film needed by Randi. In the early 1970s, SRI (then known as the Stanford Research Institute) produced a short black and white 16 mm film titled Experiments with Uri Geller. James Randi is looking for a copy of it. If you have any information about the film, contact:

James Randi
James Randi Educational Foundation
201 S.E. Davie Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1815
Ph. (954) 467-1112; fax (954) 467-1660;

A&E to show series on "unexplained." Beginning Jan. 2, 1997, the Arts and Entertainment network plans to begin a new weekly series, "The Unexplained." The first hour-long show is supposed to be on "psychic detectives," featuring Noreen Renier and the Williston, Florida, case. Source: CSICOP.

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