From the Editor

Bob Ladendorf

Our two prolific writers again grace these pages. This time with a twist, though.

Martin Kottmeyer, who frequently writes for The REALL News about connections between real and reel lives, has written a two-parter on the classic UFO incident at Exeter years ago. At the end of Part 1 in this issue, he challenges you to come up with some alternative explanations. REALL is offering free issues for the reader who tells us what explanation Martin will give in Part 2. (For more details, see the article, which starts on page 1.)

Our other prolific writer  -- our chairman, David Bloomberg -- offers an extended "REALLity Check" this month. Check it out starting on page 3.

With these and other long articles we've printed in past issues, we have had to delay the introduction of other features. We thus have much more to include in future issues, including a special issue on multimedia reviews.

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