From the Chairman

David Bloomberg

In this issue, you will find REALL's first "contest." Since Martin Kottmeyer has been writing articles for us from the first issue, it seems only fitting that this stems from something he has written. If you jumped directly to this column without reading the front page -- highly unlikely, I'm sure -- then you can go back and see Part 1 of his article on a UFO account at Exeter. In this first part, he details that account for us. In the second part, next month, he will present his solution. If you read the first part and have a guess at the solution, by all means send it in! Anybody who successfully guesses Kottmeyer's solution or comes up with a better (or funnier) one will get a three-month extension to his or her membership and newsletter subscription. Let's hear from you!

Our next meeting, on Oct. 1 (7 p.m., Lincoln Library), will feature another Skeptics Society video. This one is titled "Quantum Quackery" and looks to be very interesting. I've often heard paranormal supporters misusing quantum physics to say their claims have merit, and I expect this video to address such topics, as well as others. I hope to see you there!

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