From the Chairman

David Bloomberg

This month marks something of a minor milestone for us here at REALL. We received our first “real” letter to the editor. We’ve had letters before (though not many), but this is the first to respond directly to an issue brought up in one of our articles. Considering the controversial nature of some of the articles we’ve had, this has always been somewhat of a surprise to me. Even now, the letter is one that isn’t even about a paranormal or fringe science item, though it definitely is a subject that I consider important.

We are always interested in hearing the thoughts and ideas of our members. Whether you agree, disagree, or just have an interesting comment, please feel free to send it to us. Who knows what kind of dialogue it might start (as of this writing, I have heard that our Editor has put together a response of sorts to the letter – though I haven’t read that response yet – and I may have to respond back to that).

This month’s meeting (September 3 at Lincoln Library) features another Skeptics Society video presentation. This one is “The 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time & Why People Believe Them,” by investigative journalist John Whalen, who wrote a book on that very subject. It definitely promises to be interesting!

On another note, one that I will probably address further in next month’s “REALLity Check,” I was interviewed for a story on urban legends in the State Journal-Register by Kathy Rem, and that story appeared in the August 25 edition. While I was only quoted a couple of times (most of the story just listed interesting legends), the last one ended the story on a good note. I said that when people hear extraordinary stories like these, the best thing to do is to be skeptical. I’d say that pretty much sums it up. So, until next month, stay skeptical!

/s/ David Bloomberg

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