From the Editor

Bob Ladendorf

Don’t read any further — if you haven’t read David Bloomberg’s article on "Miracles." For those of you who have read his piece, go ahead and read on....

Congratulations to David and his wife, Sharri, for having their first child (and future skeptic?) Having had two sons with my wife, Jean, I know how a baby plays havoc with your professional and free time!

This month, besides David’s article, we feature a light-hearted feature article by our regular contributor, Martin Kottmeyer. Is an old "creatures" sighting solved? Martin thinks so and certainly stands behind his explanation. Check it out.

David again sharpens his skewer as he takes on the media in "REALLity Check." Another extensive piece.

Coming soon — A revised newsletter look with more articles of news and sources, as well as more graphics to illustrate them. As always, we also continue to work to provide you with in-depth articles on a range of paranormal/pseudoscientific topics. Any suggestions or comments are welcome anytime.

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