From the Editor

Bob Ladendorf

As we wrap up another year and welcome in the new, you will notice that our special year-end issue features an extended version of Chairman Bloomberg's regular column that monitors the media reporting on paranormal and pseudoscientific claims. REALL is an educational and scientific organization that has as one its goals the dissemination of information to its members and the public.

We at REALL hope that we have made a difference to both groups. By monitoring the media, too, we will be constantly vigilant to those instances of non-vigilance, as well as patting on the back those who bring critical thinking skills to their articles.

As we start our fourth year of existence, I look forward to another year of thought-provoking articles as we work to improve the range of articles and enhance the design of The REALL News. Without our loyal readers and members, though, this newsletter could only be a pipe dream. You have continued to make it REALLy happen.

May you have a good year in 1996!

/s/ Bob Ladendorf

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