*The REALL News*

"It's a very dangerous thing to believe in nonsense." -- James Randi

Volume 3 Issue 5 May 1995

The Curse of the Space Mummies

by Martin Kottmeyer

Ufologists are diligent when it comes to spotting similarities between UFO cases, but often seem to turn a blind eye to the differences. Raymond Fowler and Budd Hopkins found it significant that Betty Andreasson and Sandra Larson share identical nasal implant operations, but are silent on the very dissimilar appearance of the surgeons. Andreasson reported 4-foot tall gray-skinned entities with bald, pear-shaped heads. Larson reported a 6-foot tall entity with metallic arms and wrappings over the head. She referred to it as a "mummy."

The difference between the entities is all the more surprising when you begin to tally up all the other features the two cases share beyond the sinus operations. They both experience floating sensations and travel through walls. Both are given tummy exams. Both are temporarily caged in body-molded transparent enclosures. Both see a realm on a distant landscape that is as bare of vegetation as a desert, which has square buildings in it. Both travel through tunnels. Both are drawn into transport bubbles. MoreMore


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