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Bob Ladendorf

With the completion of my three-part series on the supermarket tabloids, I want to raise an issue that needs to be studied in the future, namely the tabloid television shows. From shows that pay to talk shows that display every kind of trivial perversion, America has become a nation of complainers and exhibitionists. All these serve as a distraction from the real issues and matters of the day: war, poverty, environmental concerns, lack of critical thought, and crime.

Perhaps these issues are so big and seemingly too complex to understand that Americans absorb themselves with simple, trivial matters, from celebrity gossip to "weeping" statues.

With the New Year, we all need to redouble our efforts to fight the irrational with critical thinking, the paranormal with the real, and pseudoscientific assertions with scientific evidence. As we enter our third year of existence, we thank you again for your support and hope that a good year as you bring skepticism to those matters that count!

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