From the Chairman

David Bloomberg

Last month, I wrote here requesting a possible homepage site. Well, I didn't get any responses, but I'm definitely still looking! Now, I'd like to add a request for the E-Mail addresses of our members. I'd like to put together a mailing list so we can send out information via E-Mail when we can. So, for those of you with addresses, if you'd like to be included on the list, please let me know either by phone, letter, or, of course, E-mail to:

This month's meeting is going to feature the CSICOP video, Beyond Belief! We showed this video once before, a little over a year ago, but I think it's good enough that it deserves another showing. In addition, we've gotten a number of new members who regularly attend meetings but who haven't seen this video yet. Also, this video is not as long as the videos we've been seeing lately and will allow for discussion afterwards. For more info on the meeting, see the enclosed notice.

I'm not sure what we'll be doing in February yet (if you want to put your two cents in, we'll discuss it at the January meeting), but we're planning a special speaker for the March meeting. There will be more info on this in next month's newsletter.

Speaking of next month's newsletter, February is our second anniversary! So you'll get a special extended anniversary issue, featuring articles by both regular authors and at least one new writer. Plus, you'll get the "REALLity Checklist" -- 1994 in review. You may notice that we left "REALLity Check" out of this issue to make room for the subject and author indices, but that will be back next month, too.

As always, if you have any comments, compliments, or even complaints, we want to hear about them! Happy New Year, everybody!

P.S. Books (and Darwin fish) are in! If you ordered either, come to the meeting and pick `em up!

/s/ David Bloomberg

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