From the Editor

Bob Ladendorf

`Tis the season to be ... skeptical! Then again, any season is a time to be skeptical. This issue gives you plenty of reasons to be wary and critical of things you read and things you see.

REALL Chairman David Bloomberg points out two recent excellent examples of investigative work dealing with deceptive practices: an NBC Dateline expose of fortune tellers and Carl Sagan's outstanding essay in a recent Parade magazine on scams by alleged faith healers and others. Works like these in the mainstream media are awfully encouraging.

In this issue, we feature Part 2 of my analysis of the articles in grocery tabloids. This part concentrates on the two tabloids that primarily feature paranormal and pseudoscientific stories. Hope you enjoy it.

As we approach the new year, and near the end of REALL's second year, I just wanted to thank all who have helped our group by being an officer, member, videotape or monetary donor, or an attendee at our monthly meetings. We hope that our march to reason does not get reversed.

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