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David Bloomberg
P.O. Box 20302
Springfield, IL 62708

October 29, 1996

Letters to the Editor
The State Journal-Register
One Copley Plaza
Springfield, IL 62705

To the Editor:

As the Chairman of the Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land (REALL), I once again have to respond to the erroneous claims of a creationist. In this case, it is F.R. Hedinger, whose letter you printed in your October 27 edition.

Hedinger makes numerous errors in the letter, but I only have the room here to address the most grievous – the claim that the sun is shrinking 5 feet per hour. This is simply wrong. Hedinger has misquoted the tentative conclusion of a 1979 presentation. Further studies showed this to be incorrect, and even one of the authors has since reversed his conclusion!

Even the Pope recently spoke out in favor of evolution. Since Hedinger erroneously claims, "The evidence uncovered by science more and more tends to confirm the account as presented in the Book of Genesis and to discredit the theory of evolution," is Hedinger therefore claiming that the Pope doesn’t know what the Book of Genesis says?

It’s easy to make a claim when one doesn’t have to prove it, and creationists are experts at this tactic. Science, however, relies on backing up claims with evidence, and creationism is sorely lacking when that subject comes up.

Anybody who is interested in the creation/evolution debate or REALL can contact us at or at P.O. Box 20302, Springfield, IL 62708. We are always happy to help get information to anybody asking for it.

David Bloomberg, Chairman
Rational Examination
Association of Lincoln Land

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