From the Chairman

David Bloomberg

Since we haven't had our June meeting yet, I find myself with little to report right now. However, I do want to clear up something I said in last month's column.

I mentioned that at the CSICOP/local groups meeting in New York, the subject was raised of exchanging membership information. We will probably be asking CSICOP to help us with a new mailing to try to expand our ranks. In return, CSICOP may ask for our mailing list. We have never given out that information before, but we think this is a fair trade. Last month I said that we would send out a postcard asking if you agree to allow us to exchange mailing information with like-minded groups. My intent was to combine that postcard with a reminder postcard for the REALL picnic (see below).

But, looking back at that idea, it wasn't terribly smart. As I sat down to make the postcards, I realized that putting two such disparate issues on it would only muddle things up. Furthermore, I'm not sure why I even thought a separate mailing was necessary, since everybody who is affected obviously gets this newsletter. I guess that's what I get for writing last month's column at the last minute.

So anyway, to get to the point at hand, if you do not want your address information given out to other skeptics groups, please e-mail me at or call and leave a message on the REALL answering machine at 726-5354. If you don't care, you don't have to do anything.

Special June Meeting!

While I've already mentioned it in this space once and sent out reminder postcards to people in the area, I just wanted to get one last plug in for our picnic on June 30 (hopefully, you'll get this newsletter before the 30th). It will be at REALL Board Member Dave McMaster's house at 4:00. If you want to go but haven't RSVP'd yet, make sure you call him at 364-5353. Directions are on the back of our last issue, or Dave would be happy to give them to you over the phone. I hope to see you there!

No July Meeting

Because the June meeting was pretty much as close to July as possible without actually being in that month, there will not be a July meeting. In August we will return to our usual schedule of having meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at the Lincoln Library, specifically August 7....

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