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Volume 7
Number 11

The REALL News

"It's a very dangerous thing to believe in nonsense."
-- James Randi

November 1999

The Shaman Question: Revisited

While conducting research on the Taino Indians, I uncovered an intriguing record of shamanic deception, as chronicled by the Spanish conquistadors. According to the account, a Taino cacique (chief) convinced his subjects he had magical abilities because a zemi (the carved idol of a forest spirit guardian) located inside the chiefís home had the supernatural power to speak.MoreMore

Bennett Braun Case Settled

The Illinois Department of Professional Regulationís case against Bennett Braun for his treatment of the Burgus family has been settled prior to the scheduled November hearings.

As discussed in previous issues, the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR) filed a complaint against psychiatrist Bennett Braun, a leader in the repressed memory movement, and two of his colleagues. One of those colleagues, Elva Poznanski, had settled her case a few months ago.MoreMore


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