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Volume 7
Number 9

The REALL News

"It's a very dangerous thing to believe in nonsense."
-- James Randi

September 1999
Features Departments

Kansas Evolution Decision's Aftermath

Similarities in Illinois, Impacts in Presidential Race

by David Bloomberg

As Iím sure most, if not all, of you already know, the Kansas Board of Education voted to remove evolution, and other references to the age of the Earth and universe, from its science curriculum. The result was an outcry that, frankly, gave me great joy.

Now donít get me wrong -- I certainly got no joy out of the backwards school board members who donít have a clue about what science is. The joy I got came from the media pointing out that the backwards school board members had no clue what science is! How often is an issue this important to us trumpeted across the top of the Chicago Tribuneís front page? (8/12) Not to mention that they actually agreed with us!MoreMore


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