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The Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land is a non-profit educational and scientific organization. It is dedicated to the development of rational thinking and the application of the scientific method toward claims of the paranormal and fringe-science phenomena.

REALL shall conduct research, convene meetings, publish a newsletter, and disseminate information to its members and the general public. Its primary geographic region of coverage is central Illinois.

REALL subscribes to the premise that the scientific method is the most reliable and self-correcting system for obtaining knowledge about the world and universe. REALL does not reject paranormal claims on a priori grounds, but rather is committed to objective, though critical, inquiry.

The REALL News is its official newsletter.

Annual Membership Rates: Regular, $20; student, $15; family, $30; patron, $50 or more; subscription only, $12.

Board of Directors

Chairman David Bloomberg
Vice Chairman Jim Rosenthal
Secretary-Treasurer Bob Ladendorf
Newsletter Editor Wally Hartshorn
At-Large Members Prof. Steve Egger
David McMaster
(one vacancy)

Editorial Board

Wally Hartshorn
David Bloomberg
Jim Rosenthal

Unless otherwise stated, permission is granted to other skeptic organizations to reprint articles from The REALL News as long as proper credit is given. REALL also requests that you send copies of your newsletters that reprint our articles to the above address.

The views expressed in these articles are the views of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views of REALL.

REALL Contacts

REALL Hotline 217-726-5354
Chairman, David Bloomberg
Editor, Wally Hartshorn
Web Site
P.O. Box 20302
Springfield, IL 62708

A Nod to Our Patrons

REALL would like to thank our patron members. Through their extra generosity, REALL is able to continue to grow as a force for critical thinking in Central Illinois. Patron members are those giving $50 or more. To become a patron of REALL, please see the membership form. Patron members are:

David Bloomberg, Springfield Bob Ladendorf, Springfield
David Brown, Danville John Lockard, Jr., Urbana
Alan Burge, D.D.S., Morton Bill Mellon, Valparaiso, Indiana
David Gehrig, Champaign James Rosenthal, Springfield
Charles Hanson, Springfield Doug Smith, Springfield
Wally Hartshorn, Springfield Richard Walker, Springfield

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