From the Editor

Wally Hartshorn

Welcome to another issue of The REALL News.

This issue begins with an exclusive report on a recent development in the Bennett Braun case, thanks to the ongoing efforts by David Bloomberg. Way to go, David!

Our other feature, "Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld’s China Acupuncture Story Questioned," comes to us courtesy of Gary Posner and the Tampa Bay Skeptics. Apparently we weren’t alone in thinking this was a good story for reprinting — the new issue of Skeptical Inquirer is carrying the same article! Unfortunately, by the time we learned this it was too late to find a replacement. Oh well. Not everyone gets SI, anyway.

This issue also features a farewell retrospective from Bob Ladendorf, who stepped down last month after being editor of The REALL News for six years! Bob has some thoughts about the newsletter’s past and future that are certainly worth reading.

If you need some summer reading, be sure to begin by reading the first in a new series of book recommendations. David Bloomberg begins by explaining a scale that will be used to rate books from one to four stars. He then proceeds to rate several books, using a scale from zero to five stars. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, I guess. :-)

Lastly, David Bloomberg brings us another installment (or would "episode" be more appropriate) of "REALLity Check."

That’s all for this month. Everyone have a great Independence Day holiday!

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