From the Chairman

David Bloomberg

In retrospect, it’s a good thing for me that we decided to make this and the previous issue double-issues, and the timing of not having a meeting room in June (due to the library’s book sale) also worked out fairly well for me because I’m moving this month (or "have moved" depending on exactly when you get this newsletter).

Other than restricting my available time for a little while we get settled in, this move does do one thing for REALL: we will now have a REALL hotline that doesn’t involve people calling my wife and asking her questions to which she doesn’t know the answers. It should be listed in the next issue. It will have an answering machine hooked up to provide the latest info on meetings, events of interest, etc. And perhaps most importantly, it will give early-morning DJs a way to contact me without waking my wife.

Meeting to cover Tarot Cards

For July’s meeting, our new Vice Chairman, Derek Rompot, will be speaking to us on a subject with which he is very familiar -- Tarot Cards. He has done card readings for "many moons" and knows the ins and outs of the cards. He also knows the history of Tarot and exactly how it is that the readings are really done. He will share all of this knowledge with us on July 7, at 7 p.m. in the Lincoln Library. Don’t miss it!

Book Order Update

As I mentioned in the previous couple issues, we are putting together another Prometheus Books order with a 40% discount for paid members. We’d like to get this order together by the July 7 meeting, so get those orders in!

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