From the Editor

Bob Ladendorf

Thanks for your patience while I had my computer monitor repaired. To make up for that, we are producing a 12-page, combined issue that features two major stories: one by Karen Bartelt on an interesting tour of the Institute for Creation Research and a last (?!) look at Roswell by veteran UFO researcher and writer Martin Kottmeyer. Plus a long REALLity Check.

A personal thanks to those REALL members who supported David, Wally, Steve and me for reelection to our posts. Thanks to Ron Larkin, Kevin Brown and Frank Mazo for your support over the years, and I’m sure you’ll be back in some capacity in the future. I only hope that all of us can continue to top notch work for all REALL members who support our organization and the cause of bringing critical thinking skills to our scientific inquiries about pseudoscience and the paranormal.

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