From the Editorial Board

This issue of The REALL News is meant to be representative of what we would like to publish in future issues. From astrology to UFOs, we intend to cover the wide range of the paranormal to the best of our abilities.

Our feature article, "Pencil-Neck Aliens," was written by Martin Kottmeyer, a Carlyle, Illinois author and UFO expert who has had articles published by several British magazines. We would like to thank Martin, and we hope to see more interesting and humorous articles coming out of his typewriter in the future.

The article "But the Bad News Is..." was written by Dr. Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE). The national office of NCSE is very concerned about Illinois, where there appears to be a great deal of acceptance of Creationism. The Creationism issue is most predominant in small towns and suburbs across the country. Many small towns in Illinois and Ohio make this part of the country fertile ground for Creationists. We would like to thank Dr. Scott for giving us permission to reprint her article for you here, where it can reach a wide central Illinois audience. We would like to point out that REALL is not an anti-religious group, but Creationism being taught as if it were science is, in our collective opinion, no better than the teaching of astrology as if it were science.

"Paranormal Fraud Exposed" was written by Detective Bruce Walstad. In addition to being a police officer in Franklin Park, IL for the last 18 years, he is also a magician and president of Professionals Against Confidence Crime. He recently appeared on television's 48 Hours in a program about con artists and fraud.

Other articles were written by members of the Editorial Board, who are also members of the organizing committee (see "From the Chairman").

In order to provide you with the greatest range of interesting subjects, we are looking for authors. If you have written, or wish to write, something that you think may be of interest to readers of The REALL News, please feel free to send it to us. We would appreciate it if you would also enclose a letter giving us permission to print the article, and letting us know if you give permission to other skeptics groups to reprint your article if they choose, with the proper credit given to you, of course. Also, we are looking of applicable artwork or cartoons. If you are a writer or artist and don't have a specific topic in mind, just send us a letter and we'll get in touch with you.

Of course, we will also be printing letters from the readers in future issues. Whether you agree or disagree with what you read, drop us a line; we'd like to hear from you.

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